Monday, January 9, 2012

Samsung strengthens smart TV content ecosystem with smart TV advertising platform – Samsung AdHub

LAS VEGAS, USA: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd announced the launch of Samsung AdHub, its advertising platform for the Samsung Smart TV platform. Through the newly-announced AdHub service, brands can deliver 3D, video and interactive advertisements into the living room via Samsung’s market-leading Smart TVs.

Samsung AdHub allows delivery of advertisements to the front-page of Samsung’s Smart TV interface, with multiple forms of compelling digital interactivity. Advertisements will be dynamic, allowing audiences to click to access video content, new applications and services, or the web browser. The company’s new Smart TV advertising platform will provide marketers and ad creatives new monetization models and opportunities to engage and interact with target audiences.

Samsung AdHub also enables a unique 3D video advertising experience within the Samsung branded 3D VOD service, ‘Explore 3D’ application. Samsung is the first consumer electronics manufacturer to offer 3D advertising on Smart TVs, giving advertisers new opportunities to create compelling and visually dynamic content in native 3D.

“Samsung is delivering the future of Smart TV now. With Samsung AdHub, we are enabling a richer content ecosystem that will benefit advertisers, application developers and consumers. Samsung’s global reach and expertise in Smart TV is creating a unique and innovative way for marketers to reach audiences with exciting and interesting content. We are helping brands break creative boundaries,” said Daniel Park, VP of Samsung’s Media Solution Center.

“Our complete Smart TV advertising solution is another example of our commitment to drive innovation in the TV market. Our goal is to create new opportunities throughout the Smart TV value-chain; providing a platform for advertisers and developers to participate is a key element of this goal. Ultimately, we think this is a win for consumers, because a dedicated way for developers to monetize services will contribute to a richer, more robust content experience,” added Park.

Samsung has already begun running several campaigns from leading advertisers such as State Farm and Best Buy. The company has also formed advertising sales partnerships with Rovi and YuMe. Smart TV advertising has launched in Korea and the United States.

Samsung expects to deploy its Smart TV in-app advertising solution in 2012. Smart TV application developers will be able to incorporate in-app capabilities available through the Samsung SDK (Software Development Kit) 3.0 for Samsung Smart TVs.

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