Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GP Bullhound technology predictions for 2012

LONDON, UK: As technology analysts and advisors, we expect a volatile 2012 with pockets of great innovation, opportunity and new successes, but also continued challenges as commoditization will wreak havoc to some industries, and hype will remain in others – creating near-term opportunity and in some cases long term issues.

We are entering the new year under rather unusual circumstances. The macroeconomic outlook remains cloudier than ever due to unprecedented uncertainty around a number of major global economic and political situations including the fate of the Euro and the European economies, the status of the US recovery and the role of the US dollar, nervousness in recently outperforming emerging markets, like Brazil, and the global impact of a slowdown in China – just to mention a few.

Some things do remain the same however such as the continued global Internet trend, the rapid mobilization of users and applications, and the inevitable trend of increased online social interaction.

In 2012, we expect the Internet to continue its inevitable shift from being an information and content channel to a trusted platform for socializing, sharing, communicating and most importantly for 2012, consuming. Furthermore, we expect a lot of opportunity to come out of the rapid adoption of mobile online activities, particularly in emerging markets.

We also expect to see some much needed innovation in the enterprise software arena, which is now well behind the consumer technology curve. The macroeconomic outlook however remains cloudier with unprecedented levels of uncertainty on a global scale. In an ever-more connected and competitive global technology world, there will be little room to hide without differentiated products or services.

The value of IP will continue to rise, while commoditization will punish the me-too players. As a consequence, we are seeing the investors and acquirers becoming increasingly willing to travel far to find best-of-breed companies, supporting an anticipated rise in cross-border acquisitions and investment activities. All in all, we look forward to an interesting 2012.

The predictions
1. Recommendation Engines Get Personal Through Social Mapping.
2. Hardware and Content Convergence Will Accelerate.
3. Russian Internet to Export New Social Models.
4. Windows Platforms Pick Up New Momentum.
5. Voice Recognition Bound to Disappoint – Again.
6. Social Recruiting Hits the Mainstream.
7. Smart Wallet Breaks Through.
8. A Re-Birth of the Second Screen – the TV.
9. Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Prices Will Collapse.

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