Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SID 2013: Human visual interface as key to innovation in high-performance displays

USA & CANADA: As high-quality screens for smartphones, tablets and televisions become ever more pervasive and prized by consumers, how can display panel manufacturers differentiate their products for the increasingly demanding OEMs that serve as their customers?

This and other provocative questions will be at the heart of discussions during the SID Market Focus Conference on High-Performance Displays, to be held May 23, 2013, in Vancouver, Canada.

High-performance displays are a new topic gaining fresh urgency in today’s market, relating to the idea of “visual interface”—or the performance characteristics of displays that enable differentiating improvements for a user’s visual experience.

“This session will put an emphasis on the technologies and content necessary to promote improved performance and enable delegates to consider various performance tradeoffs related to the future of vision-based devices,” said Mark Fihn, senior principal analyst for displays at IHS, who is also providing introductory remarks for the day’s event. “Various display technologies inherently have differing advantages and disadvantages when it comes to display performance, so this conference will concentrate on opportunities for both display makers and device manufacturers to truly differentiate their product offerings.”

Conference organizer Sweta Dash, also a speaker and senior director for display research at IHS, agrees. “From smartphones and tablets to TVs, manufacturers are introducing high-performance display products as the key differentiators to increase market presence, boost demand and improve both revenue and profitability. High-performance products have become an industry requirement for next-generation display products.”

Among the subjects that will be discussed at the conference are resolution and color. How much resolution is truly needed to mimic the capabilities of the human visual system? And what are the ways to further improve color performance in displays?

Throughout the day’s event, the unifying theme will be the human visual response and its resident capabilities to continue driving innovation.

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