Monday, May 13, 2013

CimatronE 11 pushing boundaries for North American manufacturing

USA: Cimatron Ltd announced that the new CimatronE 11, the latest version of its integrated CAD/CAM software solution, will be demonstrated at the Eastec trade show in West Springfield, MA, May 14-16, 2013.

"CimatronE 11 offers an unparalleled range of automations, analysis tools and applications that are set to boost overall productivity for mold and die shops," said Bill Gibbs, Cimatron's president, North America.

"Among the software's solutions for mold designers are a new ECO Manager for effective handling of engineering change orders, and enhanced automation in electrode programming. Die designers will benefit from a new flexible die design environment, a nesting tool, and springback analysis that reduces shop-floor trial-and-error. For NC programming there are major enhancements across automated drilling, 5 axis machining, and Rough and Finish.

"I am confident that CimatronE 11 will be hailed by manufacturers in North America and worldwide as the one of the smartest, most innovative and user-friendly CAD/CAM solutions on the market, able to effectively boost shop performance levels."

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