Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BluePay partners with Payfirma to offer tablet payment solutions

USA: Credit card processor BluePay is partnering with mobile payments provider Payfirma to offer a full point-of-sale (POS) for tablets.

Integrated seamlessly with BluePay’s payment platform, Payfirma's tablet solutions are yet another value-added module integrated with BluePay technology. The collaboration further expands and differentiates BluePay’s secure payment platform to enable multi-channel payment processing.

"At BluePay, we’ve always been committed to giving customers as many simple and effective payment solutions as possible,” said Kristen Gramigna, chief marketing officer at BluePay. “Through this partnership, we’re able to pair our secure payment processing with Payfirma’s tablet point-of-sale system, giving businesses the ability to offer mobile payments in their stores as well as a huge aesthetic improvement over traditional terminals."

Designed to simplify payments and engage customers, Payfirma’s tablet solutions provide a new way for BluePay to offer innovative payment processing to its customers. Now, in addition to providing true eCommerce, MOTO, retail, and virtual terminal transaction processing, BluePay’s platform also provides tablet-based mobile payment solutions. Ever on the rise in diverse industries, from retail to food to hospitality, smartphone and tablet payments will eventually replace traditional POS systems and credit card terminals altogether.

"Mobile is the future of computing and payments," said Michael Gokturk, CEO of Payfirma. “Businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to small retailers are adopting mobile devices like tablets as the way to get paid. Our solutions let businesses engage their customers in new ways and ultimately increase revenue.”

By collaborating with BluePay, Payfirma benefits from its leading-edge secure payment platform and gateway, as well as its direct merchant and enterprise sales teams. Payfirma’s smartphone solution became available last month by BluePay and the tablet point-of-sale launches today.

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