Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CrestaTech extends X7 Smart Tuner line; intros digital TV designs for China and South America

USA: CrestaTech, creator of the Smart Tuner, announced that its fourth generation X7 Smart Tuner family of single chip TV tuners is now available with exclusive options addressing the needs of the fastest growing TV markets on the planet.

Shipping in volume since the beginning of the year, the X7 Smart Tuner family introduces specialized versions for the fast-growing South America and China markets.

The new digital mandate in China provides TV manufacturers with new challenges, and CrestaTech is the only silicon TV tuner manufacturer that provides a single chip solution for digital TV with a built-in analog demodulator and dual inputs. This addresses the growing demand in regions with a digital transition or requirements for separate cable and terrestrial inputs.

“As we evolved the Smart Tuner, we addressed the time-to-market, cost and quality needs of our global customer base,” said Rainer Hoffmann, VP Product Development/Marketing of CrestaTech. “The X7 is smaller and smarter than its predecessor, has the lowest external component requirements of all tuners in the market, while maintaining its world-class performance.”

Based on the CrestaTech-patented technology proven in tens of millions of today’s flat panel TVs, the X7 architecture combines a frequency-agile RF front end with a DSP-based IF processor that maintains field-proven performance across diverse real-world signal conditions.

The X7 Smart Tuner includes full broadband tuning from 42 to 1000MHz, CPU calibrated LNA, mixers and channel filters, which provide consistent performance across the entire frequency spectrum and maintains that performance in production volumes.

With specialized spur removal algorithms and through its characterization across an extensive library of captured field signals, the X7 Smart Tuner insures artifact-free picture quality and handles even the most severe cases of distortion, interference and noise conditions.

The X7 Smart Tuner features industry-leading sub-1Ghz domain expertise, immunity to WiFi and LTE interference and is ranked best in class on industry wide LTE compliance tests. By using the X7 Smart Tuner, TV manufacturers can offer products to any region that deliver consistent, interference-free analog and digital signals.

Many of the X7 Smart Tuner features make it affordable and simple to integrate the technology into next-generation TV designs. The X7 Smart Tuner removes the requirement for off chip inductors or baluns that reduce the PCB area size, simplify board design and lowers cost. Additionally, implementation can be directly integrated into the TV circuit board, avoiding costly and bulky CAN tuner modules altogether. Furthermore, through simplified CMOS processing, production costs are reduced and passed on to the manufacturer.

The X7 family contains the CTC701 full featured TV tuner, the CTC703 which adds an integrated analog demodulator and the CTC707, which provides dual input while maximizing performance.

“TV manufactures are facing many new challenges with SmartTV and digital transitions are consuming their engineering resources,” Hoffman added.  “With the CrestaTech X7 Smart Tuner™, they have a product that makes implementation easy, and a partner that can provide trouble-free, best in class support.”

The X7 Smart Tuner is currently in volume production, with reference design kits available in variety of form factors and applications.

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