Monday, May 20, 2013

F-Secure enters Indian corporate security market in partnership with SP Soft

INDIA: F-Secure and SP Soft India, announced their partnership to offer F-Secure’s ‘Protection Service for Business’ to Indian small and medium size businesses (SMBs), a moment which will mark F-Secure’s entry into the Indian corporate security for SMBs in India.

This venture by F-Secure will further add to their presence in India wherein presently they are working with the Indian telecom operators providing them with best-of-breed value-added security solutions.

‘Protection Service for Business’ is complete security for SMBs. which will help provide powerful real-time protection for PCs, servers and mobile devices making sure a business is constantly protected against online threats with the full armor of F-Secure's advanced features and functionalities. The ‘Protection Service for Business’ includes a Software Updater, a proactive patch management feature that provides software updates and version upgrades for an organization’s applications.

F-Secure’s corporate security vision was recognized earlier this year by Forrester Research, who ranked the company’s strategy number one among corporate security vendors. The strategy won praise for its move from software towards managed IT services via service partners, a subscription-based model that helps partners build customer loyalty and offers businesses 24/7 coverage, improved protection, greater competency, and cost efficiency.

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