Monday, May 6, 2013

ESG Labs achieves impressive testing results for EMC VSPEX proven infrastructure solutions

INDIA: Brocade announced impressive testing results performed by ESG Lab for EMC VSPEX proven infrastructure solutions enabled with the award-winning Brocade VDX Ethernet fabric data center network switches for cloud-optimized configurations of 100 virtual machines (VMs) and 500 virtual desktop instances.

The testing performed typical workloads for each configuration that small and mid-sized businesses commonly deploy to support rapid data growth and ever changing business requirements.

Additionally, these solutions will also be demonstrated live to customers in the Brocade booth (#225) at EMC World, to be held in Las Vegas May 6-9.

ESG Lab test results showed that the EMC VSPEX configurations with Brocade networking were able to easily scale from 100 to 500 virtual desktops while maintaining high performance and quick responsiveness to applications. The network for the 100-VM configuration was found to provide a highly reliable and resilient foundation with full redundancy, including automated failover and failback.

Tests with both configurations validated ease-of-deployment and automated VM mobility with VMware hypervisors. Test workloads for the VDI solution included document access and log-in, with the 100-VM solution running on-line transaction processing, Microsoft Exchange, web server and backup applications.

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