Thursday, May 2, 2013

ATS International partners with InfinityQS

USA: InfinityQS International Inc., the global authority on real-time manufacturing intelligence  and enterprise quality, announced that it has established a strategic partnership that will enable ATS International B.V.  to offer ProFicient, InfinityQS enterprise quality hub, to a global customer base.

An independent solution provider of industrial and process automation, quality, and information technology solutions, ATS has 30 offices in 17 different countries, which will facilitate the deployment and support of InfinityQS’ Manufacturing Intelligence and enterprise quality software worldwide.

Through this partnership, InfinityQS will continue to strengthen its global reach to ATS’ core geographies, such as Europe and the Asia Pacific, and industries such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

For ATS, this partnership will also present new business opportunities, as the two companies anticipate collaborating on additional projects. Furthermore, global customers who purchase ProFicient from ATS have the convenience of turning to one, single point of contact at every step before, during and after the implementation.

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