Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trickplay to embed Audible Magic’s content recognition solutions into DTV platform

2012 International CES, PALO ALTO & LOS GATOS, USA: Trickplay and Audible Magic have announced a technology partnership that will make Audible Magic’s industry-leading automated content recognition (ACR) solutions an integral part of Trickplay’s digital TV software platform.

Based on Audible Magic’s patented digital fingerprint content identification technology, the company’s SmartID and SmartSync solutions enable consumer electronics devices to provide more engaging content and offer other outstanding user experiences.

Two key capabilities make up the core of Trickplay’s digital TV software platform. First, the platform quickly creates rich, breathtaking graphics in full HD that are visibly superior to competing technologies. Second, it supports a robust development environment that enables the creation of new applications across multiple devices and screens. Now, by embedding Audible Magic’s SmartID and SmartSync solutions, this platform can address content in a variety of new ways, making it socially engaging as well as visually engaging.

The Audible Magic solutions enhance Trickplay’s platform in two specific ways. SmartID, for example, enables developers to recognize content that is being played, whether the content is delivered from terrestrial broadcast, cable, Internet streaming, Blu-ray, or another source. And SmartSync synchronizes events to the media being watched with frame-to-frame accuracy.

Both Trickplay’s and Audible Magic’s platforms currently operate across a wide range of devices, including set-top boxes, televisions, and tablets.

Audible Magic will also be demonstrating its SmartID ACR technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas between January 10 and 13. Its booth, #73507, will be located in the CES Eureka Park Tech Zone in the Bellini Ballroom of the Venetian Hotel. TrickPlay will be demonstrating its solutions during CES at the Las Vegas Hilton. Suite # H573.

“To take full advantage of emerging digital and ‘SmartTV’ opportunities, suppliers and developers must offer excellent content recognition capabilities,” noted Trickplay’s CTO, Craig Hughes, when making the announcement. “With the exclusive additions of Audible Magic’s SmartID and SmartSync solutions, we believe that we have the most accurate and effective technology of this kind available anywhere.”

“Embedding our SmartID and SmartSync solutions into Trickplay’s software platform is an important step forward in implementing our strategy to make ACR as ubiquitous on consumer devices as GPS is today,” added Jay Friedman, VP Marketing for Audible Magic. “This effectively frees OEMs and application developers to create all kinds of new ways for consumers to engage with media.”

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