Monday, December 19, 2011

Zebronics intros powerful 2.1 mega bass multimedia speakers

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Top Notch Infotronix has launched its latest 2.1 multimedia speaker set, the ZEB-SW3500RUCF with digital display. The new model features a fantastic bass reflex subwoofer with full functional remote control, adding to Zebronics’s extensive lineup of speakers, one of the widest range in the industry.

This smart speaker system features a soft surface and has volume control and power buttons, indicated by a vibrant orange LED. It is suitable for iPOD's and PC's with a stereo line cable and 3.5mm stereo adaptor. With its high-gloss, black-satin finish complementing the smart present-day styling, Zebronics' latest offering in the consumer electronics segment is a energetic and smart 2.1 multimedia speaker system.

The ZEB-SW3500RUCF offers a very friendly user interface coupled with a fully functional remote control for ease of operation. The bass/treble and volume controls add to the clarity and crispness of the music produced.

The most attractive feature perhaps is the SD/USB input facility which enables direct playback of music from memory cards and data storage devices, so users can just plug in a pen-drive or an SD card and enjoy their preferred music. The speaker system is lightweight that makes it an ideal sound solution while on holiday or travelling when users like to carry their favourite audio collection in portable and mobile devices.

The ZEB-SW3500RUCF is also a pretty unique well-designed PC multimedia speaker system with easy-to-use connectors, extra input and output ports and a fully functional remote control. The build quality and the FM reception are excellent so if you are looking for these features in a 2.1 speaker system, here is the best deal for you.

The trendy design ZEB-SW3500RUCF, a fitting addition to the modern bookshelf or table, is now available at an affordable price of Rs 1,999, including one year warranty.

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