Thursday, December 8, 2011

Online video traffic projections too low

OAKLAND, USA: Skytide, the leader in Online Video Management Analytics, announced the publication of a new white paper which reveals the trends that are poised to disrupt the digital media industry in the coming year.

Among the findings of the white paper, "7 Online Video Trends to Watch in 2012," Skytide believes that industry analyst and equipment vendor projections for online video traffic -- already very bullish -- may be too low and need to be revised upward. The white paper also addresses the:

* Strange bedfellows that OTT will create.
* Looming impact of telco CDNs.
* Virtuous cycle that will send online video ad budgets soaring.
* Secret to CDN federation success.
* Disruptive power of adaptive bitrate streaming.
* Ramifications of expanding multi-screen viewership.

"The year ahead promises to be full of twists and turns for online video and the digital media supply chain that serves it," said Skytide president and CEO, Michael O'Donnell. "From our unique vantage point as the leading online video analytics and reporting solution, we're happy to share our insights on the trends that will shape the industry for 2012."

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