Friday, December 9, 2011

Northwoods launches Compass CoPilot app for tablets

DUBLIN, USA: Northwoods has introduced a new product that will help social workers manage case documents, notes, forms, and photos while working in their clients' homes or anywhere their jobs take them. Compass CoPilot packs many of the productivity-enhancing features found in the Compass Software suite of products into an easy-to-carry tablet format.

"CoPilot™ will forever change the way mobile social workers serve their clients by giving them better tools to work with," said Gary Heinze, president and CEO, Northwoods. "Workers will now be able to see more clients while delivering the same or better service levels, because CoPilot will handle much of the administrative work for them."Source: Northwoods, USA.

CoPilot provides forms automation, document capture and management, case management tools, and more in a highly mobile, easy-to-use tablet. Social workers whose jobs are to protect children and adults from abuse often need to travel to clients' homes to assess the situation and interview those involved in the case. Previously, this meant carrying not only a laptop or case files, but also a camera, a voice recorder, blank forms, notepads, etc., into the field with them. When workers returned to the agency, they still had hours of work to do just in scanning or copying, annotating, indexing, and filing the information gathered in the field.

With CoPilot, the worker simply syncs the case information they need for the visit onto the tablet before leaving the agency. All data retained in CoPilot is secure behind 128-bit AES encryption. As the social worker collects information in the field, it is automatically indexed to the appropriate case. The worker may add annotations and case notes, complete forms, take photos and audio recordings, and capture documents, all with the tablet. When the worker returns to the agency, he or she simply syncs CoPilot with Compass Pilot to load all of the collected information into the content management system, with appropriate indexing and keywords attached.

In addition to the document and case management functionality offered by the CoPilot software, the tablet and its Android operating system offer other useful features. Workers will be able to use the GPS-enabled tablets to find driving directions, keep their calendar updated, access email and other communications, and much more. For instance, agencies have the option of purchasing a third-party application that, in the case of a lost or stolen tablet, will enable agency staff to locate the tablet remotely using its built-in GPS capabilities and, if need be, wipe it of all of its data.

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