Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elliptic Tech first to market with "chipset" tech compliant with new standard

OTTAWA, CANADA: Elliptic Technologies, a global leader in security IP and content protection solutions has announced the release of its HDCP 2.1 Software Development Kit (SDK). The software suite is the first commercially available solution in the market that complies with the recently released standard HDCP 2.1 or High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 2.1, a key security technology used to protect premium content.

The digital media market is booming and the demand for robust solutions to protect high-value content continues to increase. Elliptic is at the forefront of the security technology with a comprehensive portfolio of highly integrated DRM and content protection solutions which have been delivered to lead customers worldwide.

The Elliptic HDCP 2.1 SDK is a complete and cost-effective content protection solution for digital audio/video entertainment content in the wireless and wireline home network environment. The solution is targeted at OEMs, network operators, service providers and Over The Top (OTT) content providers. It can be seamlessly integrated into embedded components for use in tablets, media centers, DVDs, Smart HDTVs, Set Top Boxes, Game Consoles, Streaming Controllers and other consumer electronic products.

“We have worked very closely with our leading HDCP customers and other industry partners to ensure that our products are not only compliant with the latest standards, but can also be deployed quickly and effectively in a variety of applications,” said Vijay Dube, president and CEO of Elliptic Technologies. “Our robust and proven content protection solutions are highly regarded in the industry and help cut development costs, time to market and give our customers a competitive advantage in their field.”

The Elliptic HDCP 2.1 SDK is based on the latest specification HDCP IIA Revision 2.1 and it supports all mandatory elements of copy protection (authentication, key exchange, content encryption, system renewability), as well as enhanced locality check features and robustness rules support. The solution runs efficiently in limited resource environments and it can be implemented within frameworks such as ARM TrustZone, where security critical components are embedded and executed in trusted environments and non-critical components are executed by the host OS, such as Android.

HDCP is a preferred security method to meet the desire of consumers to enjoy their high definition movies, videos and entertainment media anywhere, anytime while respecting the desire of media producers to protect their investments in programming production. The specification is endorsed by Sony, Panasonic, Intel and high definition content owners Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment and others.

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