Monday, December 12, 2011

NComputing reduces cost of computing in India, again!

BANGALORE, INDIA: NComputing, the global leader in end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions, announced a breakthrough in the performance and economics of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures) with the release of vSpace Server 6.5 desktop virtualization software.

vSpace Server 6.5 delivers a host of industry firsts including the ability to support up to 100 users on a single operating system, reduce the number of physical host servers by 75 percent, and radically improve configuration and management of VDI environments. VDI deployment is now possible at a fraction of the initial and on-going cost of a traditional PC desktop computing environment.

The user density breakthrough in vSpace Server 6.5 delivers a three-fold increase in the number of virtual desktop sessions that can be hosted on a single OS compared to previous versions. It also allows IT and network managers to significantly reduce the number of hardware hosts, OSs and VMs needed in virtual desktop architecture thus delivering the most affordable based VDI solution per seat on the market.

According to Will Poole, co-chairman, NComputing: “VDI deployments have been held back due to cost and management complexity. We have addressed these issues with vSpace 6.5. Our customers asked us for simple, powerful, scalable, and green solutions, and we’ve delivered with the best economics in the industry.”

vSpace Server 6.5 is the simplest, most powerful and most affordable VDI solution in the market today. This new software combined with NComputing client devices powered by NComputing’s Numo system-on-chip technology enables a superior user experience at the lowest cost per seat. NComputing continues to pioneer innovation that will accelerate desktop PC replacement cycles, allowing businesses and educational institutions to deploy desktop computing that were not previously viable.

Poole adds: “We expect the vSpace server 6.5 to build on our substantial success in the Indian market and deliver what customers in India require to fuel their growth and profitability – lower-cost and greener solutions that exceed user’s expectations and at the same time make IT management easier. CIOs and IT managers can now get unparalleled computing and economic advantages that will help optimize the performance of their entire IT infrastructure.”

Additional features available through NComputing vSpace Server 6.5 include:
Automated Deployment: Thousands of virtual desktops can now be configured and deployed in hours rather than days or weeks. A ‘create once; replicate multiple times’ feature uses the configuration profile of one access device to automate all other access device configurations in the environment. With this new feature, setting up 100 NComputing thin clients is as easy as setting up 1, saving our customers deployment time as well as maintenance cycles.

Enhanced IT Support: IT managers can now remotely view as well as control user sessions via a Remote Session Control feature that can be deployed on a permission or no-permission basis. Trouble tickets can be resolved easily and quickly, a win-win for the user and IT support staff.

More of the PC experience users expect: Enhanced audio quality and support for compatible microphones makes running multimedia applications such as Skype even easier and more enjoyable.

Windows 7 32-bit support: NComputing delivers the broadest platform support of any desktop virtualization vendor including Windows Server 2008 R2/2003, Windows Multi-Point Server 2011/10, Windows 7 64/32 bit, Windows XP, and Ubuntu 10.04.

NComputing vSpace Server 6.5 is available immediately. The company’s products and solutions are available from leading IT distributors and resellers worldwide. In India, the NComputing products are distributed through their national distributor, Redington India, who supplies NComputing India’s 700 plus reseller base.

Deployment of NComputing solutions can save customers 50% on system costs and up to 75 percent on ongoing management and maintenance, and reduce energy consumption by up to 90 percent.

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