Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Avenview now selling 8X8 video switches with 3D

KENMORE, USA: Avenview Corp., a leading manufacturer of A/V extenders, video splitters, and video switches, has released a new 8X8 Matrix Switcher with 3D over CAT-5 with IR Pass-Through, the most flexible and cost-effective solution in the market to route high-definition video sources plus multi-channel digital audio from any of four HDMI sources to remote displays at the same time.

The Avenview SW-HDM3D-C5-8X8 HDMI Matrix Switch with 3D over CAT-5 with IR Pass-Through not only transmits high-quality video and audio to the display sites, but users can switch among four HDMI sources using the push-in button or remote control. With single power design at the source site, each remote module is easily installed without a power supply. Furthermore, the built-in IR extension function allows users at the display site to access the DVD player, PS3 or any HDMI supported devices directly.

"Our new 8X8 Matrix Switcher is a valuable addition to any business or company with video feeds because it allows any source to be displayed on multiple displays at the same time," said Umar Qureshi, VP of Product Development at Avenview. "That means any HDMI display can view any HDMI source at any time, including DVD and TiVo."

The Avenview 8X8 Matrix Switcher allows the user to control local HDMI sources such as DVD and TiVo by attached an IR extender from the remote receiver to the matrix master. It's easy to install, with rack-mounting and wall-mounting designs for the master and receiver respectively. It extends video signals up to 35m (115 ft) over CAT5e at 1080p.

The Avenview 8X8 Matrix Switcher's low-cost Cat-5/5e/6 LAN cables make it the most cost-effective solution to routing HDMI sources to remote displays.

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