Friday, March 11, 2011

Kingston to focus strongly on SSD in 2011

MUMBAI, INDIA: Kingston, the US leading Flash memory brand in the world, announced that it will be stepping up its focus on its SSDNow product line in India. SSDs have been one of the important businesses for Kingston since 2009 and it plans on aggressively pushing its SSDNow product line in 2011.

Since its foray into the SSD market at the beginning of 2009, Kingston has been at the forefront in driving SSD adoption among enterprises and prosumers alike.

SSDs have been growing in popularity due to high reliability, low power consumption, anti-shock features, and most importantly, very high performance. SSD is all set to become the mainstream as prices continue to fall and capacities continue to increase. Seeing the robust potential growth that the SSD segment holds, Kingston is focusing on garnering higher volumes and improving market reach for its SSDNow line in India.

Kingston offers a whole range of SSDs to improve the performance and reliability of computing systems. Flash technology makes SSDNow drives faster, more durable and reliable than standard mechanical hard disk drives. Kingston will be adding more new and outstanding-performance SSD products this year to its expanding SSDNow product portfolio. Kingston unveiled its first SSDNow line for the enterprise vertical in January 2009, such as SSDNow E Series.

Currently, Kingston’s SSDNow line includes a wide range of products catering to various needs of the different markets. Depending on consumer requirements, Kingston’s SSDNow range has a drive to meet every need. The SSDNow V Series drives are suitable for all consumers. It is an entry level drive but still significantly outperforms standard HDDs with high C/P values. The performance level of this drive and capacities available are sufficient for the day-to-day needs of users working with standard office applications.

The SSDNow V+ Series drives are ideal for corporation users with faster speed and more advanced specs. As SSD capacities are becoming higher and pricing are becoming more affordable, these drives are ideal as HDD replacements in systems.

Nidhi Sethi, Flash Memory sales director, Kingston India, said: "Earlier, people had reservations with Flash memory, but now it has become the mainstream and I believe the same can happen with SSD. In the beginning, there’s no demand of SSDs because the pricing was high and also people were not aware of the benefits that SSDs could bring.

"As more and more consumers know about the SSD technology and realize the benefits that it can bring for them, I have confidence in the growth of the business in India. Kingston has expanded our product line and gained a strong foothold in this segment since entering the SSD market, and we would like to dominate this market in the near future."

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