Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DisplayLink USB virtual graphics featured in ViewSonic’s streamlined MultiClient classroom in a box

PALO ALTO, USA: Marking the first of the two companies’ joint endeavors, DisplayLink and ViewSonic have announced a USB virtual graphics powered zero client/thin client “classroom in a box” for educators.

Ideal for classrooms, labs, test centers and libraries, ViewSonic’s MultiClient offering will provide a near instantaneous solution to allow small groups of up to 10 students to simultaneously enjoy individual Windows computing sessions.

“With an average hardware seat price of less than $200 (including LED monitor and MultiClient USB adapter) and all the required components in a single place, ViewSonic is providing educators a fast, affordable path to a productive classroom,” said Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of sales and marketing for DisplayLink.

The ViewSonic MultiClient solution runs the newly released Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 operating system and includes a desktop server PC featuring Intel i5 or i7 CPUs, 17” or 19” displays, DL-125 chip powered zero/thin client devices, as well as keyboards and mice.

“We’ve taken the ‘out of the box’ thin client experience for educators to a whole new level of value and ease of use,” said Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas. “A key technology enabling us to offer our customers with these educational hardware solutions is DisplayLink. By leveraging this technology, we are able to streamline system components, enabling the user to connect through USB for the ultimate in functionality and usability.”

ViewSonic, with the help of USB virtual graphics technology, has eliminated the need for multiple video cards and improved ease of installation over traditional thin client systems. And by offering a pre-packaged bundle, it’s a one stop shop to classroom productivity.

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