Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kingston collaborates with 20th Century FOX’s RIO

MUMBAI, INDIA: Kingston Digital Inc. has announced its alliance with Twentieth Century FOX Entertainment, a global leader in Entertainment, to offer special “RIO” themed packaged DataTraveler 101 4GB USB Flash drive and ValueRAM. This is a strategic partnership with the Twentieth Century Fox, who will be releasing the animated feature film RIO, in cinemas worldwide.

This special edition will be available in themed packaging and each package will have graphics, which will represent the lovable characters of RIO. The film, made by the creators of the successful Ice Age franchise, focuses on Blu, a domesticated Macaw living in Minnesota with his owner, Linda.

When Blu and his owner discover that he may be the last of his kind except for one female Macaw in Rio de Janeiro named Jewel, they head down to Rio find her. This 3D creation features voice work from Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg.

Applicable only on Kingston’s DataTraveler 101 4GB USB Flash drive and ValueRAM (single pack), these products will be launched in India, Taiwan and Thailand by end of March’2011.

"We are very happy to be associated with RIO which is state-of-the-art digital animation. Kingston is excited about the launch of the "RIO" Special DataTraveler 010 G2 4GB USB Flash drive and ValueRAM products," said Nidhi Sethi, Sales Director, Flash, Kingston Technology India. “This is a marketing initiative we had successfully applied to our products earlier, we are optimistic on the success of this project” she added.

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