Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Effects of great Tohoku Kanto earthquake on Panasonic operation

OSAKA, JAPAN: Panasonic Corp. has said that to help cut power consumption amid concerns of power shortage, they have been rigorously enforcing electricity-saving measures by calling out to all Panasonic offices and factories in Japan to turn off lighting and other electric equipment that are not in absolute need as well as turn off outdoor signage of its buildings across the nation since March 12.

Panasonic is now in the process of collecting information, including the impact of the earthquake on infrastructure, for example, the supply of gas and water, as well as logistics and procurement, in order to re-start production.

* SANYO Electric Co. Ltd Tokyo plant located in Gunma Prefecture restarted a part of production in the morning of March 14 and suspended the operation in the afternoon due to TEPCO’s planned power outages. Starting tomorrow, the plant is scheduled to operate partially while cooperating with the planned power outrages.

* Panasonic Electric Works Koriyama Co. Ltd is currently under repair and inspection to resume operations as soon as possible

* Continuing aftershocks are preventing the entry in to the Sendai and Fukushima factories. While other factories in the affected region fully cooperate with the planned power outages scheduled by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) and Tohoku Electric Power Co.

Also, a few employees working at Panasonic’s Fukushima factory and Sendai factory, Panasonic Electric Works Koriyama Co. Ltd and SANYO Electric’s Tokyo plant located in Gunma Prefecture suffered minor injuries. The company is continuing to work to confirm the safety of the employees.

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