Monday, March 14, 2011

Eminent to develop HD media player with Android

THE NETHERLANDS: Supplier of ICT accessories Eminent is developing a new HD media player that uses the Android operating system. The Eminent HD media player EM7297 hdMEDIA AND realises a revolutionary user experience when playing movies and apps on TV.

A completely renewed HD media player is now within reach as Eminent starts using Android – the operating system that many smart phones and tablets are equipped with. Eminent utilizes many Android features to create the new HD media player, called EM7297 hdMEDIA AND.

This is a big step forward to make online content more accessible on TV, whilst not losing sight of the main functionality of an HD media player. The Eminent HD media player EM7297 hdMEDIA AND plays movies in full HD quality on TV and offers many apps for online entertainment. Thanks to the Android operation system, users will clearly see the difference in terms of user interface and features.

The Eminent HD media player EM7297 hdMEDIA AND will be equipped with USB3.0, Gigabit LAN, Flash 10 and OpenGL support. The powerful hardware platform realises movie transfer and video streaming at high speed. Furthermore, a complete browser will be included to surf the web. The Eminent HD media player offers an advanced user interface for optimal presentation of menus and apps.

On the Dutch market Eminent is one of the best-selling HD media player brands. In the UK Eminent products are available through Amazon and Misco.

The use of Android on an HD media player is nearby, as Eminent is currently finalising the hardware and software development for the EM7297 hdMEDIA AND. Eminent uses maximum R&D capacity to launch the new HD media player in European countries as soon as possible.

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