Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BetAdvisor’s sports predictions now available as iPhone application

FRANCE: BetAdvisor of France is the first European platform for the distribution of sports predictions, and the service is now available as an iPhone application. The sports prediction website, which was launched in February 2010, covers football, horse-racing, rugby and tennis, as well as basketball, American football and ice hockey. Professional analysts offer pre-match predictions, as well as live betting sessions.

BetAdvisor’s full service and all of its functionalities are provided in a seven-day free trial offer. The service is now available on advanced mobile telephones, including as an iPhone application.

Guillaume Pernette, Director of Operations at BetAdvisor, explains: “We are committed to quality requirements, and take great care in advising our customers on their betting strategy. Besides providing information from the world’s top tipsters, we also guarantee a responsive customer service, which is available seven days a week. Our customers can contact us directly via our chat interface, and receive a response in real time on a bet or on choosing a tipster.

“Furthermore, our strategy, which is centred on innovation, has led us to apply our service to mobile platforms. Our service will be accessible from any kind of smartphone as of March 2011. This will allow bettors to be even more reactive in placing their bets.”

The BetAdvisor service offers a number of unique functionalities. Firstly, the application sends tips to mobile telephones or by email in real time. Just like the stock market, the speed with which a choice is made is crucial and, therefore, the speed of the reception of information for betting is a key element for profit gain in the long term.

As soon as one of BetAdvisor’s professional tipsters places his (or her) prediction, subscribers will receive it on their phones. For tips published on matches in play (i.e. live betting), this is reduced to under a second.

Subscriptions can be put on hold at any time. If customers are unable to bet for any given period – due to holidays or a lack of internet connection, for example – BetAdvisor offers to place the subscription on hold for up to one year. In other words, no subscription time is wasted due to external constraints.

The service also offers the opportunity to change tipster for free once a month. Therefore, subscribers can try up to 12 different tipsters over the course of a year’s subscription. Subscribers can also evaluate and publish opinions on the tipsters they are following.

Finally, subscribers can access precise information on profits made thanks to the tipsters they have subscribed to. Predictions and their outcome, as well as performance, are verified by third-party organisations such as and

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