Thursday, December 31, 2009

PlasmaTech intros universal circuit board to OEMs

LAS VEGAS, USA: PlasmaTech Inc., a wireless technology innovator providing solutions to the $120 billion global security market, has begun marketing its universal wireless remote control and access circuit board to global OEMs.

The universal circuit board can be integrated into almost any existing device, equipment or finished good to allow that device to send data wirelessly. The company'’s wireless transmitter has many applications in both the security and non-security fields; it could be used for the transmission of data from machines in manufacturing, data collection in oil fields, or data from valves controlling fluid volumes.

Security applications could be sending data on door and window access to a central control system. These are but a few of the types of applications the wireless data transmission device could be installed.

By working with various manufacturers the company intends to provide its wireless secure transmitter as an add-on to their existing products. In many installations where data collection is required, running wires in just not an option, Plasmatech’s secure wireless transmitter is the solution.

The wireless transmitter can easily and efficiently create ad-hoc, peer-to-peer, point-to-multi-point, Star or Mesh networks for secure and redundant communications. The radio technology can broadcast as far as 40 miles within specific application requirements, often where Wi-Fi and other networks are limited.

In addition to new products, PlasmaTech's universal circuit board can be integrated into a wide variety of existing products, not at all limited to security applications. Other products features include up to three years of data transmissions on a two nine volt batteries, 129 bit AES data encryption and transmits data on a different frequency every 4.9 micro seconds.

“Our technology is one of the best solutions for integration into existing product lines requiring secure wireless communications, with field-tested and proven reliability. As a result, we believe we have a significant competitive advantage in the OEM marketplace,” said PlasmaTech President Marvin Williams.

“We are now recruiting sales representatives across the US with specific experience and contacts in the OEM marketplace. Wireless OEM data, voice and video modules are on the rise and represent a promising growth opportunity for PlasmaTech.”

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