Thursday, December 3, 2009

ISIS Power inMOTION module makes it easy to control electric windows, linear actuators and convertible tops

DES PLAINES, USA: ISIS Power has introduced inMOTION, a new motor controller option for the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System that enables auto enthusiasts to forward-and-reverse control electric windows, door locks, sun roofs, and convertible tops using the ISIS system.

The ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System was the first multiplexing wiring harness to make high-tech OEM technology available to the broad automotive aftermarket, ranging from street rods and off-road trucks to resto-mods and kit cars.

Now, with the ISIS system and the inMOTION module, vehicle owners are no longer limited to special switches to control windows and doors and can select any style of switch to match the theme of their vehicle’s interior.

Unlike other motor controllers on the market, inMOTION is pre-integrated to work with the ISIS system, making installation fast and simple. When the ISIS system includes the remote control option, owners can remotely open and close convertible tops, doors and windows using a wireless key fob control.

Wiring is typically the most complicated part of a car build, requiring hours to lay out wires and hide bundles of cables to achieve a clean look. The ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System changes the process by employing a plug-and-play modular design and computerized power distribution to reduce the amount of wiring, improve flexibility and increase performance.

The ISIS system typically cuts installation time in half, by eliminating tangles of wire and the guess-work involved with the installation of traditional wiring harnesses. It also removes up to 70 percent of the weight and enables computerized control of electrical accessories.

The inMOTION motor controller has the same dimensions as a standard ISIS POWERCELL. It provides five pairs of switched outputs to control motors, actuators and solenoids and is capable of reversing polarity to the outputs. Each load is fuse protected and rated for 25A.

The inMOTION module actively monitors current to add safety and prevent equipment damage. The module learns the normal current profile for each load; if the current exceeds the normal threshold by a certain amount, then the circuit will automatically reverse direction. This prevents damage to motors if a mechanism binds or if movement is obstructed.

ISIS Power’s inMOTION is priced at $369 and is available now. Allow three to four weeks for delivery.

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