Tuesday, June 18, 2013

61 percent of small firms at risk through insecure iOS devices

USA: With more and more employees using their own devices to remain active and connected while out of the office, IT management has become more complicated than ever. Large organizations may enforce all sorts of systems on their employees, but among small businesses the situation is dire.

Among small business employees who use their iPhone to access work email, 37 percent don’t even have a basic passcode on their device (according to a survey of Soluto customers). Furthermore, most or all of the employees at 61 percent of small businesses with in-house IT, don’t have proper security settings configured on their iPhones (e.g. not allowing simple passcodes like “1234”).

The situation is even worse among small businesses that use an external IT services provider, where at 78 percent of them most or all the employees are lacking such proper security settings.

Soluto, maker of the popular IT management service used by millions, has introduced its iOS management solution for small businesses, allowing every small business IT and IT service provider to protect and improve the mobile device experience of their employees and co-workers. The new service enables remotely securing devices, wiping devices in case of theft, installing applications, configuring roaming settings and more.

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