Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Xpressi Trusted Service Manager now supports SEcure elements from INSIDE Secure

CANADA: NBS Technologies, a leading software and equipment provider for financial card personalization, announced that the VaultSEcure secure element from INSIDE Secure is now fully supported by the XpressiTrusted Service Manager (TSM).

Financial institutions, mobile network operators and service providers can now use the Xpressi Trusted Service Manager to easily provision mobile secured applications on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices based on this embedded secure element and securely download cardholder credentials.

“We have worked closely with INSIDE Secure to mutually validate that our respective solutions work flawlessly with each other, and I am happy to report that we have both achieved success,” said Bryan Hills, president and CEO of NBS Technologies. “The Xpressi TSM can now be used to load applets and personalization information on the VaultSecure secure element worldwide.”

According to Hills, MasterCard has recently evaluated the Xpressi Trusted Service Manager and added the software to its list of approved products.

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