Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pelagicore integrates Rightware Kanzi 3D UI solution in its infotainment platform

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN & ESPOO, FINLAND: Pelagicore AB, a leader in open source automotive software and key GENIVI contributor, and Rightware Oy, a leader in embedded 3D user interface (UI) technologies announced a strategic partnership and integration of Rightware’s 3D user interface technology – Kanzi 3D UI Solution – with the Qt framework on the Pelagicore Infotainment Platform.

User interfaces and user experience design has become one of the key differentiators in modern cars since attractive graphics can significantly enhance the appeal of a vehicle and manufacturer brand. The same trend seen in mobile phones supporting stunning 3D graphics is already on its way to automotive devices, such as in-vehicle infotainment, instrument clusters and heads-up displays. This has led many car manufacturers and tier-1 system vendors to be challenged in getting the best out of silicon with existing open source software.

The partnership between Pelagicore and Rightware provides a compelling solution for car manufacturers and their suppliers to create, test and deploy high-quality and high-fidelity 3D graphics in their vehicles. The integration of Kanzi 3D UI Solution with the Qt Framework on the Pelagicore Infotainment Platform brings true 3D user interface elements seamlessly integrated with 2D elements allowing direct access to all functionality and services in the Infotainment platform.

Pelagicore uses a unique mix of automotive technologists and Open Source community experts to develop Open Source based Infotainment Platforms. Pelagicore contributes and leverages key Open Source projects such as Qt with which the Pelagicore Platform already is already tightly integrated. The Qt Framework provides customers of the Pelagicore Infotainment Platform with the best application and User Experience framework on the market, fully integrated with the Infotainment Platforms services and functionality.

Rightware’s Kanzi 3D UI Solution is a successfully deployed 3D user interface technology on mobile, consumer and automotive devices. The Kanzi Studio real-time 3D UI editor boosts the implementation of compelling and photorealistic 3D user interfaces (UIs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) with significantly reduced effort, allowing its users to meet the safety-critical and other stringent product requirements of today’s embedded devices without compromising on quality.

“We recognize that User Experience is becoming a key differentiator in the automotive industry. That’s why it is in our strategy to incorporate the best available tools to our Infotainment Platform. The Qt framework is already one of the best frameworks for 2D and now with the integration of the Rightware Kanzi UI Solution we are able to provide best-in class 3D Graphics tools for all Infotainment functions,” says Alwin Bakkenes, CEO of Pelagicore AB.

“Rightware and Pelagicore share a similar philosophy when it comes to enabling high quality graphics. We both design our products to be hardware agnostic, but we work closely with the silicon industry to enable and ensure best possible performance and quality in customer projects,” says Mikael Söderberg, CTO of Pelagicore AB.

“At Rightware, we believe in offering our automotive customers the flexibility to use the technologies best-suited to their requirements. We’re very excited to work with Pelagicore to enable car manufacturers and the whole automotive ecosystem to access this stunning combination of Qt framework on Pelagicore Infotainment Platform and our flagship product Kanzi 3D UI Solution,” said Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware Oy.

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