Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KYOCERA develops world's fastest 1200×1200dpi KJ4B-Z inkjet printhead

KYOTO, JAPAN: Kyocera Corp. announced that it has successfully developed the KJ4B-Z Series 1200×1200dpi high-resolution inkjet printhead for water-based ink, achieving the world's fastest*1 print speed of 80 meters per minute for an inkjet printhead — a key component in commercial inkjet printers.

The newly-developed KJ4B-Z Series 1200×1200dpi inkjet printhead achieves higher drive frequency by improved signal waveform that controls the piezo actuator which controls ink ejection; and by improving the ink flow channel structure, Kyocera has achieved the world's fastest print speed of 80m/min.

The KJ4B-Z Series printheads provide high-resolution printing due to the high-density arrangement of piezo actuators and ink nozzles through Kyocera's proprietary design and simulation technologies. Furthermore, the world's largest*2 effective print width of 108mm (4.25 inches) requires fewer printheads even for wide-format printing, which simplifies equipment design.

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