Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NI PXI switch features solid-state architecture to increase RF test system life and speed for high-volume apps

AUSTIN, USA: National Instruments introduced the new NI PXI/PXIe-2543 solid-state RF multiplexer, which gives test engineers a long-lasting, high-performance solution to optimize the routing of RF signals up to 6.6 GHz. Its solid-state architecture facilitates faster switching and more repeatable measurements than traditional electromechanical switching solutions.

"The new NI PXI/PXIe-2543 solid-state switch builds on the success of the industry-leading NI PXI platform and offers the speed and dependability of a solid-state architecture to RF applications," said Charles Schroeder, director of test marketing at National Instruments. "With this switch, automated test engineers can integrate and synchronize numerous PXI instruments, including RF generators and analyzers, to get the most out of their test systems and further increase accuracy and throughput."

Product features
* 6.6 GHz dual 4x1 multiplexer for high-density RF switching, ideal for multisite test.
* Solid-state architecture for superior switch lifetime.
* 50 Ohm termination on all channels for improved RF performance.
* Integrated PXI triggering for fast and repeatable measurements.

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