Wednesday, June 2, 2010

HLDS selects INDILINX Barefoot SSD controller for HyDrive

2010 COMPUTEX TAIPEI, TAIWAN & MILPITAS, USA: INDILINX, a leader in Solid State Drive (SSD) controllers, announced that world renowned INDILINX’s Barefoot SSD controller was selected by Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS), the number one leader and technology innovator in Optical Disc Drive (ODD), as the preferred SSD controller solution choice for the world’s first SSD embedded ODD - HyDrive.

Unlike other SSD controller solutions, INDILINX’s Barefoot SSD controller delivers exceptional performance, power saving, compatibility, and reliability that has been proven in the field worldwide over multiple years. Computers with SSD offer unmatched performance compared to Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) delivering the best return on investment from the user experience.

HyDrive, the world’s first SSD embedded ODD from HLDS, offers total storage solution for PCs that differentiates from other branded ODDs by combining three storage device solutions as in one package: HDDs, SSDs, and ODDs.

HyDrive is offered as drop-in solution in standard ODD form factor without any need for an additional space on the motherboard and/or modification of the computer system architecture. The end users can use HyDrive as in any combination of ODD, storage, and caching. Some of the potential uses can be in All-in-one PCs, Netbooks, Gaming Consoles, Home Theatre PCs (HTPC) or Media Center, and Ultra Mobile computing devices with limited available bays.

The total cost of ownership is lowered through the use of HyDrive in these devices since the users do not need to buy an external ODD as an option, and the users have an option to view disc based movies while offering high performance storage solution simultaneously.

In addition to this, HyDrive offers seamless movie playback by offering as a caching device while playing scratched optical disc based movies.

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