Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T-Platforms announces European expansion with Hannover office

International Supercomputing Conference 2010, HANNOVER, Germany & MOSCOW, RUSSIA: T-Platforms, a leading provider of HPC systems, services and solutions, announced the opening of a new Hannover office that marks their formal entry into Western Europe.

T-Platforms plans expansion in the UK, France, Italy and Spain over the next several years in order to better interface with and support the growing number of organizations looking for new levels of HPC solutions. T-Platforms is also collaborating with PRACE and STRATOS workgroups on initiatives to spur development for the entire HPC marketplace in the EU.

“T-Platforms chose to mark its Western European expansion in Germany for its strong economy, large HPC community, and availability of seasoned talent. The flexible and proactive position of the Niedersachsen government relative to technical companies made Hannover an ideal choice for our new location,” said Vsevolod Opanasenko, CEO of T-Platforms.

“We have also partnered with NGlobal(www.nglobal.de) – a key interface to international businesses in Niedersachsen - to ensure successful growth in the Western European region. T-Platforms is excited and honored to play a leadership role in the next wave of supercomputing in the EU.”

The Hannover office team will be performing sales, manufacturing (assembly and quality assurance, pre-installation, testing and fine-tuning of systems) marketing, and customer support functions.

T-Platforms established itself as the leading HPC company in Russia by offering a diverse portfolio of products and services with triple digit year over year growth. The number of systems supplied by T-Platforms exceeds 50% of the Top 50 list of supercomputers in Russia and the CIS. Recently, T-Platforms successfully delivered systems in Singapore and Germany in the initial expansion into the EMEA and Asia HPC markets.

According to Addison Snell, CEO of InterSect360 Research, “The EMEA market is going to grow with CAGR 7.5 percent from 4.6 billion in 2009 to 7 billion in 2013 and the Asia Pacific market with CAGR 7.4 percent from 2.9 billion in 2009 to 3.7 billion in 2013.”

“Our company has completed extensive research with end users throughout Europe to better understand the challenges faced by US HPC vendors trying to enter the EU market, and we are resolute in building proper business processes, especially within the service and support structure, to meet European HPC pre-requisites and requirements,” said Alexander Perfahl, Director of European Operations for T-Platforms.

“The Hannover office will be staffed in phases, with full service and support capabilities coming online later this year.” Additional multinational staff will be hired for the Hannover team.

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