Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zebronics intros 'Zebmate-75 Unique' portable music player

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Top Notch Infotronix, India’s leading supplier of products and accessories for Computers, Consumer Electronics and Communication under the brand ‘ZEBRONICS, has introduced their latest digital music player – the Zebmate-75 Unique – in their lineup of premium portable media players.

The game-changing feature of the new player is its 75-hour playing time on a single full-charge of the battery. The long battery life gives you freedom from being tethered to the power source and you can enjoy the music than worrying about the remaining battery life.

The Zebmate-75 Unique digital music player adds to Zebronics’ range of players in the Zebmate line-up known for excellent sound quality, aesthetics and appealing external design and rich features. The line-up includes the Zebmate-10 and Zebmate-20 that were launched a few months ago.

In terms of outer design and colours, the Zebmate-75 comes in two versions “For Him” and “For Her”. Targeted toward the young, lifestyle users, the “For Him” model is in a combination white-fascia and deep blue back panel while the “For Her” model has a white-facia with a cherry-colored back panel. The design and aesthetics of the player are striking and would appeal to every individual’s personality. The player has very sturdy build with quality feel to it.

The audio playback quality is excellent and the player reproduces rich tones faithfully. It comes bundled with high-quality in-ear phones which take the listening experience to a whole new level. Other standard accessories include the charger, neckband, carrying pouch and USB cable. The playback has various equalizer modes to enhance the music according to ones preferences. It also incorporates an FM receiver.

The Zebmate-75 has 4GB internal memory. The 1-inch color screen is easy on the eyes even in sunlight. The user interface is intuitive and friendly so that it’s a breeze getting to know how to use its features. Apart from the usual audio formats, it also supports playback of the flac format, a lossless format. There is an in-built mic for recording – useful for those quick interviews and class-lectures.

The Zebmate-75 (4GB) is available from computer accessories and electronics stores at an amazing price of Rs 1,999.

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