Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FREEMINDTRONIC invents SAFER Evolution, a smart hard drive circuit breaker

FRANCE: With the launch of SAFER Evolution, FREEMINDTRONIC, a leading company in the French IT industry, asserts its position as the global leader in creating the ultimate smart protection solution against data loss.

SAFER Evolution is a latest technological innovation which protects hard drives from power surges, power overloads and short-circuits. SAFER Evolution notably acts as a smart protective device that clearly indicates the source of malfunction.

Holder of an international patent, SAFER Evolution is the first 'FULLPROTECT' IT application developed by FREEMINDTRONIC. The device can provide protection for both magnetic Hard Drives (HDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) against any voltage or current malfunction in the power supply.

Easy to use, SAFER Evolution connects between the power supply and hard drive on the computer, PC, MAC or multimedia device. It is fully Plug and Play and HOT-Plug.

SAFER Evolution monitors, controls and protects, simultaneously limiting the voltage, the load and the type of electric signals being sent to the hard drive. In the event of a fault in the current caused by the hard drive, SAFER Evolution cuts the supply in less than 10 microseconds, insulating the drive from all other peripherals to which it is connected, thus preventing the fault from spreading. It automatically restores the supply as soon as the fault has disappeared.

Similarly, in the event of a power surge in the supply, SAFER Evolution cuts the hard drive supply in less than 140┬Ás and restores the supply automatically as soon as the equipment is powered on, following a 10 second pause. This makes SAFER Evolution the one and only circuit breaker for hard drives, but that is not all. It also features an extra layer of protection that enables it to maintain protection beyond 58V.

Secondly, its self-protecting functionality (SelfProtect) represents the sole and the ultimate shield capable of insulating and thus protecting data in the event of a major power surge from the faulty power supply. SAFER Evolution diagnoses the source of the malfunction and indicates it by means of coloured lights.

In addition to Safer Evolution, the company is developing other devices that employ the FullProtect technology, the IXPlug range of products. The IXPlug SP 125 is the first in the series and is in the market since the beginning of October 2010.

This intelligent circuit breaker uses the principles of SAFER Evolution, and is being utilised in various solutions such as basic low-voltage consumer electronics, professional electrical equipemnt and laboratory equipment. Other innovations in the field of protection of goods and also individuals using FullProtect technology should be launched in the first quarter of 2011.

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