Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Midtronics announces RFID license agreement with Battery Dynamics Group

WILLOWBROOK, USA: Midtronics announced a license agreement with Battery Dynamics Group for RFID patents and technology related to battery and electrical component management.

Midtronics plans to add these new capabilities to its existing RFID portfolio as they continue to move forward with key customer programs.

The core technology in the license relates to using RFID technology on electrical components, where test information is stored on the component along every service step within its life cycle. In addition, core information about the component can also be combined with the test history. This historical RFID stored information can be used by diagnostic equipment to better understand component performance and to remove the need for manual user input of component information.

"Midtronics continues to search out and develop unique technologies that help us provide the best battery management solutions to our customers," said Mike Troy, executive vice president and general manager, transportation division at Midtronics. "The development of RFID technology solutions will help us continue to evolve the level of information and improvement we can help our battery management customers achieve."

"The commercialization of this technology will add significant value to our customers by providing quick and accurate product history for each unit," said Bruce Purkey, a director of Battery Dynamics Group and president of Purkey's Fleet Electric. "This will go far to streamline inventory control as well as warranty processing."

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