Monday, November 8, 2010

EQUAL Networks announces next gen wireless AC power meter WiFi-sensor

CHIBA, JAPAN: EQUAL Networks, a leader in cloud managed WiFi-Sensor platforms, has announced the AC Power Meter WiFi-Sensor.

The AC Power Meter WiFi-Sensor is the first cloud-managed electrical power meter using Wi-Fi communications. Leveraging on its core competencies in smart wireless sensors and cloud managed systems, EQUAL Networks has a created a first-of-its-kind power measuring system.

The AC Power Meter WiFi-Sensor is easily deployed in all 802.11b/g environments and is available in various form-fit models. Each AC Power Meter WiFi-Sensor measures current, voltage, and power factor at configurable sampling intervals.

All sensor measurements are uploaded to Dashboard, EQUAL Network’s online service in the Cloud. Dashboard displays sensor status, power usage and trend analysis using a desktop or mobile web browser. By continuously monitoring electrical usage in real-time, energy consumption can be optimized to reduce operating cost and minimize your carbon footprint.

Standard, non-proprietary, Wi-Fi provides a seamless and secure connection for data transmission, rapid installation into existing infrastructure, enabling continuous monitoring of electrical usage throughout the day. The latest sensor expands the company’s existing line of WiFi-Sensor products designed around the company’s “Internet of Senses” product strategy.

“EQUAL Networks is creating the Internet of Senses by merging Wi-Fi sensors with Internet Cloud service. We are establishing the foundation for interactive, high resolution sense capabilities such as video, audio, and motion detection. Simply put, WiFi-Sensors connected to the cloud is the model for the future,” said Simon Wong, CEO at EQUAL Networks.

The AC Power WiFi-Sensor is available 1x3, 1x6, 2x3, 1x12 outlet configurations to address many large markets, such as Smart Energy Management, Business and Home Security, Industrial Processes, Healthcare Management, and Military & Government applications. All outlet configurations will be commercially available in the first quarter 2011.

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