Saturday, November 6, 2010

Genesis Electronics broadens scope of patents

HOLLYWOOD, USA: Genesis Electronics Group Inc. has significantly expanded the field of coverage for its solar power source patents licensed through Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL).

The licensing agreement between JHU/APL and Genesis, US Patents 5,644207 and 6,608,464, has now been renewed and amended with world-wide exclusivity granted to Genesis Electronics. Under this expanded agreement, Genesis now has the rights to the intellectual property as applied to virtually all hand-held and portable electronic devices on a global scale.

These patents, which Genesis controls, make possible a far more compact and efficient design and engineering of solar-powered devices.

Edward Dillon, president and CEO, commented: "Securing this expanded field of use for our patents licensed through JHU/APL is an important milestone. The potential range of uses for these patents is enormous and includes not only cell phones and 'smartphones,' but also includes laptops, tablet computers, PDAs, two-way radios, MP3 players, portable CD and DVD players, emergency communication and signaling devices, and even specialized field equipment for both commercial and military applications."

The patents not only permit more efficient and space-saving engineering, but also make possible the construction of electronic devices that have their entire structural casings generating power to the device from solar energy. Separate battery compartments are thereby eliminated, along with most of the wiring and other connections needed in conventional power delivery.

Raymond F. Purdon, chairman, said: "In addition to the broadened application coverage that our expanded agreement with JHU/APL gives us, our relationship will continue to grow. As a licensee, we are in a privileged position to arrange support and input from their extensive team of engineers, physicists and technicians. This will be invaluable as we pursue future product development."

Genesis Electronics has developed a solar-powered charger for the iPhone called the SunBlazer, which it expects to bring to market shortly.

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