Monday, November 8, 2010

Espial TV browser powers smart TV experience

OTTAWA, CANADA: Espial®, a leader in On-Demand TV solutions, has announced the availability of Espial TV browser powered by Intel set-top box reference platforms based on the Intel Atom processor CE4100 and the recently announced Intel Atom processor CE4200.

With the Espial TV browser, consumers will enjoy the power of interactive, connected and searchable TVs. For connected TV and set-top box manufacturers, this high performance solution will accelerate their time-to-market.

* Espial TV Browser will support key Intel reference platforms for next-generation connected TVs. With Intel processors and the Espial TV Browser, Smart TVs can deliver on the promise of interactivity, web connectivity and searchability.

* Espial TV browser, a highly optimized WebKit-based browser, now supports Intel’s consumer electronics (CE) media processor reference platforms and includes support for Adobe Flash 10.1, Adobe FlashLite 4.0, Flash video and HTML5 Video. Espial TV browser will also support the Intel Atom processor CE4200 as well as the Intel Atom processor CE4100.

* Espial TV browser is a high performance browser that provides TV centric navigation features, high performance HTML5 and CSS3 animations, Flash, SVG, JavaScript and HTML speeds for highly responsive web browsing and user interfaces.

* Espial TV Browser provides additional WebKit modules and features that support the latest interactive TV standards and video content sites including:
-- Europe: HbbTV and BBC iPlayer in Europe.
-- Japan: BML and NetTV-based services such as AcTVila.
-- North America: Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML5 video support for web video sites, including YouTube.
-- China: popular video web sites in China like Youku, Toudu, Sina Video, Baidu
Video, CNTV, Haushu and ku6.

* The combined solution increases development velocity and reduces project risk for device makers looking to bring high quality Internet video, web and user interface experience to their televisions, consumer electronics and set-top box devices.

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