Monday, September 29, 2014

Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3 officially opens

HONG KONG: Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. (HKSTPC) announced the official opening of Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3.

HKSTPC has introduced ground-breaking design ideas into the project from design to build, with the aim to attract and gather technology talents, bolster the development of innovation and technology, and propel entrepreneurial spirit and culture to new heights.

With the advanced R&D facilities of Phase 3 coming into use, and its full-service Incubation Programmes and extensive networks of worldwide investors and business partners, HKSTPC is committed to supporting talents from different technology sectors to realise their passion and entrepreneurial dreams, and enabling our community to enjoy the unlimited benefits brought about by such innovations.

Science Park Phase 3 is one of the largest exemplary projects in Asia that puts sustainable building practice in action. Its design encompasses three rigid principles of "back to basics", "passive design" and "green culture in practice". The consultant team started by taking the natural environment of the Phase 3 site into account before drafting the blueprint, in order to map out a sustainable design foundation for all related energy saving elements to add on.

The forms and orientations of the buildings were therefore meticulously drawn, the overall campus layout was optimised in terms of energy efficiency and permeated with spaciousness, and all buildings were designed to capture the most natural light, maximise natural ventilation and minimise solar heat gain to the interiors.

Science Park Phase 3 incorporates 39 sustainable design features, including full LED energy saving lighting panels for all R&D offices, extensive green landscape covering 40 percent of the overall site area with 1,400 trees and large scale rainwater recycling. To promote green culture and related technology applications to the public, HKSTPC launches "Green Trail", a guided tour to enable the public to take a closer look at the green building features and develop ideas for their own green living.

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