Monday, September 15, 2014

Axiros and Lyse Smart tout future of smart home device management

DUBLIN, IRELAND: This week at the Broadband Forum quarterly meeting in Dublin, Axiros, the technology leader in open device management solutions for service providers and enterprises, and Lyse Smart, a highly innovative regional Norwegian energy fiber and triple-play provider fully owned by Lyse Energy, teamed up to discuss how localizing Smart Home energy management via device automation and service provider offerings can be a win-win for both the providers and the end-users.

“Lyse believes future homes should be run by local companies who will provide customers with safe and secure electricity, energy, water and gas – rather than a global technology or commodity company whose main goal is to own customers’ personal data,” commented Lyse Smart CEO, Jan Holm. “We have developed and built an infrastructure that keeps data secure and in the community – where it belongs.”

“The Smart Home has been a high interest subject for years at the Broadband Forum,” said Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum. “It is amazing to see how far we have come with TR-069 over the last ten years, from originally delivering simple high speed internet access to now a more complete Smart Home. Having Axiros and Lyse show us real world applications of how the technology is enabling improved lives today helps drive and motivate our committees to keep delivering the technologies that will make the Internet of Things a reality.”

“Lyse is an excellent example of one of our service provider customers who has taken device management to a whole new level,” said Kurt Peterhans, CEO and MD of Axiros. “Lyse’s mission to improve the community and people’s lives through technology is an inspiration and we are glad he is sharing his story with the Broadband Forum members today.”

Lyse has a vision for the future of the Smart Home beyond just “home automation.”

The Smart Grid and energy/efficiency solutions are a central point in home automation. Devices (e.g. electric cars, induction stoves and tankless water heaters) which have high peak power consumption can be combined with more the decentralized electricity generation systems that are emerging (e.g. customers as producers) and will create a demand for a new set of services towards customers for automation of energy consumption.

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