Thursday, December 6, 2012

TEL to begin accepting orders for Triase+ EX-II TiN, next-generation metallization system

JAPAN: Tokyo Electron Ltd (TEL) announced that it will begin accepting orders for the Triase+ EX-II TiN (Titanium Nitride) 300mm metallization system in January 2013.

In conjunction with the evolution of semiconductor device structures and technology scaling, state-of-the-art metallization systems are required to possess various performance characteristics, including increasingly lower temperatures, improved step coverage performance, and film control capabilities.

The Triase+ EX-II TiN, which is based on TEL’s accumulated metallization system knowledge and experience, enables the deposition of Titanium Nitride film with excellent properties. The new system fulfills customers’ technological needs and raises productivity by implementing an optimized reactor design and new gas injector concept. In response to customer requests for lower capital costs, the new system is designed so that it can be added to existing platforms, thereby increasing the life and efficiency of the equipment.

By adding this new product to the Trias series of products that are used as cluster equipment in semiconductor device mass production plants around the world, we expect even wider use of Trias series products in future.

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