Monday, December 24, 2012

Small and medium display active matrix OLED penetration to more than double by 2015

USA: Active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays have been encroaching on the dominant LCD technology in small and medium (9” and smaller) displays, as mobile phone manufacturers have increased adoption.
According to the NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Small/Medium Shipment and Forecast Report, this has led to AMOLED capturing 6 percent of the small/medium display market in 2012 and is forecast to more than double by 2015 to 13 percent.

Total OLED display shipments are expected to reach 191 million in 2012, accounting for an 8.4 percent share of the overall small/medium display category.

“Prior to the start of mass production of AMOLED displays for mobile phones, only passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays were available, mostly used in applications such as mobile phone sub-displays, automobile displays, and some industrial and niche applications,” said Yoonsung Chung, director, Large-Area Displays & FPD Materials for NPD DisplaySearch.

“AMOLED displays have driven total OLED penetration into the small/medium display market since 2010 when Samsung launched the Galaxy S, the first AMOLED smartphone in 2010.”
Source: NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Small/Medium Shipment and Forecast Report.

Mobile phones continue to drive the growth of the OLED market, and mobile phone applications are expected to have a 69 percent share of the total small/ medium OLED market in 2012, growing to 83 percent in 2015. However, mass adoption of AMOLED technology will need to overcome some very real hurdles.

Market entry for newcomers is challenging due to the very detailed and technical engineering and production experience required for OLED manufacturing. On average, successful entry takes five years. In addition, AMOLED display technology is more expensive to produce, which undoubtedly impacts demand.
Source: NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Small/Medium Shipment and Forecast Report.

“Samsung Displays produces nearly all AMOLED displays, but more players will need to participate in order to drive growth of AMOLED technology,” said Chung.

“NPD DisplaySearch forecasts that new panel makers will enter the market in 2013, particularly from Taiwan and China. In addition, we expect to see OLED applications for smartphones, amusement devices, digital still cameras, and home appliances drive additional demand.”

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