Monday, December 3, 2012

Awards panorama at Agilent-DST-CII led India Innovation Initiative National Fair

INDIA: The National Fair finale of the India Innovation Initiative (i3) saw around 40 best-in-class innovation entries battling it out for top honours. The finalists were shortlisted after participating and winning in the Regional Fairs organized at NOIDA, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Chennai.

Overall, i3 2012 saw around 600 entries for innovation this year. i3 is the successful partnership between Agilent Technologies, Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to create and sustain an ecosystem of innovation and encourage innovators of all ages and backgrounds.

A jury panel comprising eminent industry bodies, reputed incubator partners, scientists, business management experts and government representatives came together to evaluated each of the finalists’ entries. The initiative is being supported by government and non-government incubator and investor associations for incubation, entrepreneurship and marketability. There will be other awards, recognition and support to winners.

Parmeet S. Ahuja, president and country GM, Agilent Technologies India, said: “This is the fourth year of i3. We continue to be heartened by the strong response we receive from across the country; it highlights the importance of avenues like i3 to bring out the hidden talent India possesses, not just in large metros, but in far-flung rural areas as well. It makes us proud that Agilent can play a small role in this.

“In order to bring true value to the winning innovators, we have partnered with prestigious government and private institutes like TIFAC–TREMAP, NSTEDB, Indian Angel Network, and ITT among others. These partnerships will mentor and incubate the winners and provide them the necessary support and checkpoints to make their ideas a marketable reality. In this way, i3 will truly become a benchmark for innovation.”

“The innovation ecosystem in the country is taking shape gradually. Among various initiatives of Department of Science and Technology to spread the awareness of inclusive innovation, India Innovation Innitiative – i3 is uniquely positioned to nurture innovators from across the society.
For last three years, i3 has evolved from merely an awareness program to a facilitating mechanism which provides incubation, funding, industry connect and other supports to grassroot innovators”,” said B. P. Singh, Head NCSTC, Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India.

Anjan Das, senior director, CII highlighted: “i3 in its fourth consecutive year has matured as a model that exemplifies joint collaboration between industry and government. CII's goal has been to encourage and facilitate innovation not only in  industry but also in  society, as we strongly believe that India has  great potential for creating innovations at the grass-root level.

"Through partnership with DST, its incubators in NSTEDB, industry body like Agilent, angel investors and other institutional mechanisms the initiative has created a platform where innovators could find new avenues to explore and expand their dreams of improving and commercializing their innovations."

The top five cash award winners selected by the national jury were:

First Prize : Dilip Shrinivas Velaskar  for his Thrombochek Test to reduce Thrombotic Mortality.

Second Prize : Anirudh Thakur for hydro operated jute and paper bag making machine.

Third Prize: Sabarinath C Nair for a simple, intuitive and gamified simulation for welding training, helping trainers to train upto four times their current batch size with much better focus on fundamentals.

Fourth Prize: Shrikant Kunden for Digital Location System.

Fifth Prize : Adess Singh for a device to trap particulate matter ( smoke) from engine exhaust, without increasing backpressure.

Young innovator awards were given to:

Shashank Deshpande for communicate – A communication glove for deaf and dumb.

Pranay Jain and Anshul Singal for TacRead – A tactile readout device for the visually handicapped.

Srinivas M. Dhanabalan – Intelligent automobile software.

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