Monday, December 20, 2010

Technology buyers and marketers agree

FRAMINGHAM, USA: A survey of technology buyers and marketers in six countries shows common interests and preferences when it comes to digital media.

In an IDG Research Services online survey last September, 75 percent of the buyer respondents rely on technology media sites, 55 percent tech-related print publications, 45 percent tech vendor sites, and 41 percent tech-focused communities and discussion forums.

When searching for information, 83 percent of the respondents said they are more likely to click on a link from a familiar “trusted” source.

Technology marketers reported that 41 percent of their digital spend is on branded content sites followed by search at 24 percent with ad networks close behind at 21 percent.

Looking ahead to 2011, of the 100 marketers and agency professionals surveyed, on average tech marketers expect 52 percent of their 2011 media budgets will go to digital with 63 percent expecting a modest increase in media spend compared to 2010.

Social networks’ use varies by site and age
According to the survey of 3,658 technology buyers, social media is catching on with 63 percent reporting that they use such sites.

Forty percent are identified as active users who read but rarely or ever contribute and 23 percent are active participants who both read and frequently contribute. Tech users most often visit Facebook (29 percent daily, 13 percent weekly) and YouTube (16 percent daily, 25 percent weekly). LinkedIn and Twitter are close in visit frequency at combined daily and weekly percentages of 19 percent and 18 percent, respectively.

In North America, Facebook leads with 45 percent daily or weekly use followed by YouTube at 38 percent, LinkedIn 26 percent, and Twitter 15 percent. YouTube is most popular in Europe (40 percent daily or weekly) followed closely by Facebook at 37 percent with Twitter at 15 percent and LinkedIn at 10 percent.

When respondents were asked to classify themselves as to social media use, age played an increasingly important role. Among18 to 34 year olds, 74 percent say they are active users or active participants but the percentage slips to 70 percent for 35 to 44 year olds and drops to 55 percent for the 45 to 64 age bracket.

Marketers’ social and mobile ways
Nine out of 10 marketers say they engage in social media marketing and it is the one area where they most often expect to see an increase in spending over the next 12 months.

Sixty percent of the respondents said they will invest in mobile next year. Marketers are in alignment with 88 percent of tech buyers who use at least one mobile device (57 percent smart phones, 31 percent tablets).

IDG reacts to survey results and demographics
“Digital, social media, and mobile have a lot of momentum among both users and marketers which might be expected in a technology industry,” said Matthew Yorke, president, IDG Strategic Marketing Services.

“Marketers have more choices than ever before including platforms, audience targeting, generational differences in information consumption, and metrics. IDG has responded with services to help marketers navigate the marketing maze whether in social media marketing, custom publishing, lead generation, events, or mobile.”

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