Thursday, December 9, 2010

LG Electronics captures top share of flat panel TV shipments in India

SANTA CLARA, USA: LG Electronics increased its unit share of flat panel TV shipments to 22.7 percent in Q3’10, taking the top market share position in the Indian TV market.

According to the DisplaySearch Quarterly India TV Shipment and Forecast Database, LG’s competition, Samsung Electronics and Sony, followed close behind with shipment market shares of 21 percent and 20.8 percent, respectively.

In addition, Panasonic almost doubled its unit share in the region to 11 percent in Q3’10, up from 6.7 percent in Q2’10. Indian local brands Videocon and Onida also increased their unit shares.

“LG Electronics has an advanced brand image, offering the latest technology with sophisticated designs, such as Infinia. The company also experienced LED LCD TV Y/Y growth of 69 percent,” noted Indrajit Ghosh, Director of India and South Asia for DisplaySearch.

Fig. 1: Q3’10 India Flat Panel TV Forecast Unit Share by BrandSource: DisplaySearch Quarterly India TV Shipment and Forecast Database.

In Q3’10, the total TV market in India was 4.1 million units, accounting for 45 percent of the Asia Pacific TV market. Unit penetration of flat panel TVs in the Asia Pacific was only 46 percent, the lowest of any region.

In India, FPD TV unit penetration accounted for 23 percent of total TV shipments, increasing slowly from 18 percent in Q2’10. CRT TV maintains its stance as the primary TV technology in the region.

“Because LCD TV prices, especially LED LCD TV, have not yet reached a sweet spot for consumers, Q3’10 CRT TV shipments in India grew to 3.2 million units, up 2 percent Q/Q. Despite this, the results still exceeded TV brand forecasts,” noted Hisakazu Torii, Vice President of TV Market Research for DisplaySearch.

“Although both TV brands and LCD panel makers hope to boost flat panel TV demand in India, their approach to reducing TV prices, especially for LED LCD TVs, and introducing appropriate products based on consumer demand for TV design and features is key to increasing flat panel TV penetration in India.”

In terms of LCD TV sizes, 32” models have been the most popular, with a 41 percent unit share. Units 24” or smaller accounted for a 36 percent market share. Currently, 21” or smaller CRTs are the most common TV in India. For this reason, DisplaySearch expects that 22-24” LCD TVs will be an important product in the Indian market.

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