Thursday, February 3, 2011

KickApps selects to power integrated video encoding for its publishing platform

SAN FRANCISCO, USA:, the world’s largest video encoding service provider, has been selected by KickApps to support the video transcoding component of its social publishing platform. enables KickApps’ customers, including Hearst Argyle, the Weather Channel, and Scripps Network, to deliver consistent and high-quality user video experiences across all web and mobile platforms.

KickApps, recipient of IBM’s 2010 ISV Innovation Award and the SAMMY Award for Best Social CRM and Best Social Platform, helps leading brands deploy social web and mobile experiences that connect them with their fans. Sharing video content is an important part of the experience.

By integrating’s powerful video transcoding solution into its platform, KickApps has significantly increased its ability to manage the complexities of user-generated video and ensures that users can view videos across a wide range of devices and web experiences.

"User generated video continues to be a key point of differentiation for KickApps. Our platform lets users submit videos of varying length and quality, across a wide range of formats,” said Mike Sommers, EVP, Product Management at KickApps. "Despite this variance, allows us to deliver consistent video experiences for our customers and their users across multiple platforms and site experiences.

" has been a great partner – they’ve provided our team with a high level of customer service, and they share in our SaaS business model, meaning they can easily scale with the needs of our customers.”

"KickApps, its customers, and their users require a scalable, reliable, and continuously updated platform for transcoding content,” said Jeff Malkin, president of “We focus our engineering resources on this core component of the video delivery process, including the requirement for supporting current and emerging formats across all popular web and mobile devices, so that KickApps and their customers can focus on fulfilling the needs of their users.”

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