Monday, February 28, 2011

GIGABYTE ships all new B3 6 series motherboards

TAIPEI, TAIWAN: GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and other computing hardware solutions, has begun shipping the totally redesigned GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards featuring the new Intel B3 stepping chipsets.

Motherboards are expected to be available as early as next week, when shipments start to clear customs offices in markets around the world.

GIGABYTE 6 series SATA check utility
Immediately after learning about the B2 stepping Intel 6 Series chipset design error, GIGABYTE released the easy to use GIGABYTE 6 Series SATA Check utility that helps to optimize SATA performance by identifying the white SATA 6Gbps that can be used, while advising users not to use the affected Intel PCH SATA ports.

As the new B3 versions on 6 Series motherboards start to ship, GIGABYTE just released an updated 6 Series SATA Check utility that also identifies the chipset and its stepping (either B2 or B3).

Another way to identify a B3 stepping chipset motherboard is to look for the motherboard model name as the PC boots. The new B3 version 6 Series motherboard packaging features a large B3 Stepping logo that users will easily be able to identify.

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