Monday, September 27, 2010

Smart Guard Systems unveils Smart Monitor Nova video management software

AHMEDABAD, INDIA: Smart Guard Systems, the first and only Indian company to design, develop and manufacture IP surveillance solutions in India has introduced Smart Monitor Nova, a powerful Video Mangement Software.

Smart Monitor Nova accepts High Definition and megapixel video streams from Network Cameras and encoders and hence allows user to build hybrid solutions. The user can progress and build from a single camera to unlimited number of cameras and encoders.

Smart Monitor Nova is a video and security management solution that can integrate with any kind of security and surveillance device such as access control devices, intrusion alarms, and fire alarms, etc.

Gurudas Parwani, president, Smart Guard Systems, said: "This software will address the major restrictive concerns of the end users. It has been designed in such a way that it can support multiple brands of IP Cameras / devices, supports unlimited no. of cameras and clients, multiple access, remote surveillance and many more features.

"Since this software has a very good user interface, it is ideally suitable for Enterprise applications as well as for medium and entry level of installations. It is also ideal for both Analog & Network IP Cameras and Devices. Due to it’s multiple advantages, the software is sure to appeal to customers."

Smart Monitor software contains features such as:
* Supports all major brands of Network (IP) cameras, devices and servers.
* Supports unlimited number of cameras and clients.
* Multiple clients can connect to a single server or vis-a-vis.
* Supports multiple manufacturers (55+), multiple devices (650+).
* Supports digital PTZ.
* Supports multiple codecs JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264.
* Google Map Navigation.
* Supports PSIA and RTSP protocols.
* Network Camera Search.
* Supports video export features: single images and video clips.
* Supports 2-way audio.

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