Thursday, September 23, 2010

DiiVA Consortium demos benefits of the next-generation DiiVA home entertainment networking technology

ATLANTA, USA: The Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio (DiiVA) Consortium is demonstrating the benefits of the next-generation DiiVA home entertainment networking technology at booth #4616 at CEDIA EXPO 2010, Sept. 22–26 in Atlanta, GA.

DiiVA offers custom home theater and automation installers a robust and easy-to-install pure digital solution for the network-based distribution of premium entertainment content -- both within and across home theater clusters within customers' homes.

Well surpassing the bandwidth of alternative interfaces, DiiVA provides 18Gbps of dedicated bandwidth to deliver uncompressed baseband digital video, digital audio, USB, Ethernet, content protection, remote device command and control and up to five (5) watts of power over a single industry-standard Cat5e/6/7 wire.

Consumer electronics, PC, and mobile devices can be connected together with passive cable runs of up to 25 meters, and up to 100 meters using simple, low-cost active repeaters powered through the DiiVA cable.

What's more, since DiiVA was designed from the ground-up as a network-aware technology with built-in device discovery and addressability, it delivers long-overdue networking capability to uncompressed video -- moving well beyond the limitations of today's point-to-point digital video interface technologies.

With 13.5Gbps of bandwidth for video, there is no need to compress and uncompress video streams, enabling consumers to route the highest quality video with no latency. DiiVA's capabilities, robustness and rich feature set, in tandem with HDCP Rev. 2.0, the next-generation of content protection technology, ensures that devices connected through DiiVA will have access to current and future content formats including 4K x 2K and 3D.

DiiVA Licensing LLC will showcase prototype DiiVA wall plate adapter solutions from Foxconn and Sure-Fire to demonstrate how simple, low-cost adapters can easily bridge devices with existing interface technologies into a DiiVA network. These wall plate solutions integrate HDMI 1.4, USB, Ethernet, RS232, and IR in/out signals into a single DiiVA cable.

Visitors will be treated to a preview of the future of home entertainment networking content management applications that leverage DiiVA's unique combination of unsurpassed raw video bandwidth, data transport capacity, and network awareness to enable consumers to access and manage their entire content library across a home network of heterogeneous devices.

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