Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pre-order Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard at Amazon.com!

USA: Attention Apple aficionados – it’s the software news you’ve been waiting for! With all the buzz surrounding the anticipated September release date, Amazon is pleased to announce that the latest Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard is now available at Amazon for pre-order, and as expected, the software has already made it to the number 1 and 2 spots on the Software Bestsellers List!

Mac OS X is the world’s most advanced computer operating system, and this latest Apple offering makes your Mac faster, more reliable, and easier to use. Built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation and designed to be simple and intuitive, it’s what makes the Mac innovative, highly secure and compatible.

This new OS is much lighter to run on your computer (6GB lighter than the previous version) and for additional detailed technical specs, check out what Apple has to say about refinements, technology, accessibility and more!

Get the very best for your Mac by heading to Amazon.com and pre-ordering this newer, faster Apple OS, by skipping the long lines at the Apple Store and ordering worry-free with a click.

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