Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maxell launches flash media, USB drives

USA: Maxell Corp. of America has introduced of a complete product lineup of flash media and USB flash drives. The high performance storage solutions are available in capacities ranging from 2GB to 16GB and in an array of contemporary styles and colors.

The new Maxell flash media product line -– ideal for storing photos, movies, music and more - includes the Maxell secure digital SD Card, the Maxell micro SD Card and the Maxell high speed Compact Flash.

Maxell will also offer a family of high speed USB flash media in five exciting styles:

1. The Maxell USB Basic, available in blue and silver, is the ideal drive for file sharing and everyday applications.

2. The Maxell USB Slider, with a side push design, is a retractable USB drive. The Slider offers password protection for maximum security. Sleek design is available in white or black.

3. Maxell USB 360° is a stylish black unit with a rotating cover. The USB 360° offers password protection.

4. The Maxell USB Style includes password protected access, as well as the added security feature of encryption technology. Encryption technology secures and protects files by assuring that chosen files can only be accessed through the originating computer.

The Maxell USB Style also features easy sync, a unique and easy to use software that organizes and stores all of your important files. Easy sync recognizes over XX files extensions and sorts the files into categories, such as music, video, picture and data, as you move them to and from the flash drive. The USB Style is available in black or white.

5. Users get a double duty bonus with the Maxell USB+, which incorporates the technology of a high speed USB flash drive with a micro SD card reader. No need for a separate card reader with this unit -– simply move photos and video from your mobile device to the USB drive for easy to access storage.

Enclosed in a sleek gray aluminum case, the USB+ also offers the added feature of the organizational software easy sync®. With the Maxell USB+ files can be quickly and efficiently offloaded, organized and stored.

The new Maxell lineup of high performance flash media is a natural extension for the company that has been providing high capacity storage solutions for over 40 years. "Consumers trust the Maxell brand for all of their storage needs" said Vander Morais, Product Manager at Maxell.

"Maxell has been providing reliable products that protect user's content for many years and we are excited to be adding to our extensive product lineup with high speed flash media."

As with all Maxell products, a 24/7/365 toll free technical support service is available. Maxell also offers a one-year limited lifetime warranty on all of its flash media products.

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